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About us

Andiamo was born from the adventures of two globetrotting pizza aficionados who met in Phoenix. Having traveled and lived in many places across the world, we would always find our way to pizza, and everywhere we went had its own take.

Fueled by a passion for pie that spans New York's bustling streets, California's laid-back pizza joints, the soulful authenticity of Italy, and beyond, we’ve crafted a menu that's a journey in every bite.

Andiamo means "let's go!", and not just an invitation–it's a promise to take you on a tasty adventure where the best of the world’s pizza & favorite Italian staples come to you.

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7132 East Becker Lane
Scottsdale, AZ


Monday: Closed
Sunday - Thursday: 11am to 2pm & 4pm to 9pm (as dough permits)
Friday & Saturday: 11am to 2pm & 4pm to 11pm (as dough permits)